kn95 Mask (5-pack)

Filters out particles and viruses in the air. It reduces the wearer’s exposure to particles including small particle aerosols and large droplets

KN95 Disposable Face Masks are considered respirators and are similar to the US standard N95 respirator mask, though they are not exactly the same. They are approved by the CDC NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response.


These KN95 masks have the following features:

  • Complies with KN95 standards for CDC NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response
  • 3-layers of Protection: Uses a triple layer of melt-blown nonwoven material to block 95% of incoming particulates.
  • Secure Seal: The adjustable nose piece provides a secure seal. Easy Breathing: Advanced non-woven fabric is easy to breathe through.
  • Comfortable Design: Made with durable elastic straps and a skin-friendly, soft non-woven fabric optimized for long periods of wear.<

    How to use:

    1. Perform hand hygiene before putting on
    a mask. Hold ear loop mask and nosepiece up.

    2. Position the mask under your chin
    with the nosepiece up.

    3. Pull the ear loop to each ear, hang it
    on until comfortable, position the
    mask low on your nose.

    4. Using both hands, mold
    the nosepiece to the shape of your nose
    by pushing downward and outward,
    while moving your fingertips down
    both sides of the nosepiece.

    5. Perform a fit check by pacing both
    hands completely over the mask. Be careful
    not to disturb the position, and exhale
    sharply. If air leaks, adjust the nosepiece
    as described in step 3 and 4.